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XSPUS USB C Hub Multiport Adapter

> 8-in-1 USB C Hub

> USB C to 4K HDMI Dock

> Travel Size SD/TF USB C HUB

> USB C Adapter & Stable Data



Our Customers Say

” I needed to upgrade my SD card reader and HDMI cable for my new iPad Pro but didn’t want to have to pay the price for the Apple brand adapters (again). This adapter works perfectly for downloading photos and for connecting my iPad to my projector for movie watching. The hub is a nice size. About as slim as my Pad. The color is nice, it was a closer match to the Space Gray iPad. ”

Mike A.

” My main purpose for purchasing this was for use with a wireless mouse and my Macbook Pro. It serves that purpose with no issue. I decided to get this device because it had other uses than just a USB. I use the HDMI slot to plug in my monitor and it works great. But my favorite feature is being able to plug in my camera’s SD card and mini SD! I am so glad I opted to purchase this adapter vs. a simple USB adapter. ”

Jenny M.

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We supply premium qualified usb C hub with affordable prices.

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